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FYI: I’m Alive

Lol, thanks to everyone’s concern! I appreciate it. I went to the doctor’s today and he said that I was totally fine! I know.. kind of weird but he basically broke it down for me. He said that when usually I’m sick, I blow my nose too hard which causes pressure around my nose. That leads to pressure in my ears & that gives me really bad headaches. I got a sore throat because the whole nose/head/ears/throat area is all connected (even my jaw hurts at times and I get watery eyes). He also said that the nose bleeding is because of the dead cells behind my nose and the dry air in my house. The reason why I’d spit out blood at times is because the light blood may escape my nose and go down my throat. To make a long story short, tylenol should help the headaches and hot water with salt will help my throat. He also have me my flu shot that I never got (last time I went to the doctor’s was 3 years ago). My immune system is the wackest of them all.

In the end, I’m okay, smiling and alive! Whooo, I thought I was slowly dying mang but I feel way better now. It’s almost 1AM.. I should be in bed resting but I’m watching Def Comedy Jam with my homegirl Habon.

I’m out homies… enjoy the rest of your Friday night.

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  1. Kam

    November 15, 2008 6:57 pm

    you couldnt tell me that you were fine in a text ! well whatever, im glad you ass is okay ! =]

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