Meet: David “Click” Cox, he is an A&R and Manager at Universal Music Canada and he is looking for an intern as a graphic/web designer!

He needs any young inspiring graphic/web designers that might be looking to intern and build their portfolio. He is looking for an intern to work with him on different projects outside of Universal Music. He has his own artist management company called CLK Creative Works.

Here are some regulations:
– You need to be a graphic designer and have some web savvy skills. If you are able to do video editing that would be great too.
– You need to be someone who is a student and/or looking to build or enhance their skills or portfolio.
– The internship is non-paid, however based on performance he will look at possible bonus fee.
– You need to be able to work from home.
– Hour commitment is based on execution of projects and timelines. He is looking for someone who can work by project to project.

With that said and done, if you’re interested, shoot me an email at and I will forward you his email! Good luck!