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Introspect – Webster’s 2008 (ABCs) pt.1

Just copped this off the homie Introspect. He’s so ill, check out this rhyme. Oh yeah, he’s Canadian. Bom Bommmmmmmmmm.

Acknowledging apologies; abolishing anomalies
Apostle’s apparition are awaking all autonomies
Arranging alphabet accordingly; avoid atrocities
Always aim at arteries; addressing animosities
Anxiously awaiting an astronomical arrival;
Annotated abbreviated an archeologist’s archival;
Bad being beautiful beautiful being bible
Biased bibliographies blood baths by burning bridals
Bitches bumping Burgundy bags;
Bullets burn; body buried; badge-bearing bully brags
Crooked cops; cook crack; cut coke; count cash
Caliber click clack; continuously cliques clash
Coalitions clinically condition competition (CanCon)
Cautiously concocting continuous composition
Destroy defenses; detonating demolitions
Definitely dope despite degenerate definitions
Evil eradicated; emotional exorcism
Enslavement especially exempts existentialism
Exotic entertainers entertain erotic entities
Essentially everything envelops energy
Foot fetish freaks; finger fuck fantasies
Female fondling; fuck facing felonies
Figure four figures for four figures fatally
Four fours furnished forever firing favorably
Good God; Gangsters grip gats; generate G’s
Go gettas; gotta get going g g g Guarantee
Guelph Graduate; girls go gossip
Genomes generate genetics; get Gothic
Heavy hi-hats hit hardest
Handsome hooligan harnessing harvest
Hands high holding heat; honor heroics
Heathens hold hostages; Hiroshima historic
Idiots ignore it; isolate ignorance;
I is infinite; inducing illiterates
Intricate; Introspect is into it
Inciting Idiomatic; I intercept
Idiosyncratic; injecting intuition
Into incapable indecisions…
can’t display the whole rhyme scheme in a world full of vampires

  1. stefan

    November 20, 2008 12:01 am

    yo that dude is dooope! can you believe that ish?!
    I’ve never seen anyone do it like that!! braaapp =)

  2. wristpect

    November 20, 2008 2:09 am

    another u of g graduate.. ;) shoutout to intro

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