Yesterday, a group of kids from grade 2-6 came to my school for a visit. The main purpose of the trip was to “spend a day in a high school”. They came from an all French elementary school in Oakville and were all excited to be there! I along with other students in my school were chosen to be guides and to help out the kids. I was the designated photographer and graphic designer. They made me design a 3 panel pamphlet to hand out to the kids at the end of the day. It contained most of the pics that I took the day of. We prepared different activities such as sports, dancing, drama, arts, computers, and scientific experiences. I love kids and it was dope to spend a day with them. They were all oh so cute and full of energy. Here are some pics from yesterday… don’t mind the ones of my playing dead at the beginning. I was just playing around with my homegirls Rona and Marwa. =] enjoy!