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The Influentials: Lola Plaku

I was gonna make a post just about Lola coming home today but I’ll make it deeper than that. So meet Lola Plaku: a hard working woman in the industry. She’s the Writing director for HipHopCanada.com, does Online Marketing & Promotions Manager for Maxamus Entertainment and is the CEO of her own company called LOLA Media Group. With that said, she does Freelance Writing, Interviews, Editing, Media Relations/PR Campaigns, Press Kit Development, Event/Promotion Coordination, Event Hosting, Artist booking etc. She is a sweet sweet girl that cares about her surroundings and the people she works with (like me!!). I connected with Lola a bit before I started interning for HipHopCanada and boy I’m glad I did. During that time it was more online, msn, phone conversations between us. Then I met her at The Remix Project when DJ Whoo Kid’s marketing manager came through for a mini-panel with Remix’s participants.

As time passed by, our business relationship turned into a friendship and here I am waiting for her to come home from Atlanta. She’s been gone for too long and I can’t wait for her to come home so that we can discuss some business and chill out. Shit’s been proper for her in the A for her and I’m proud of all her accomplishments. She’s been an influence in my life and has been there for me when I needed to rant to someone. She’s one of the older industry heads that cared enough to come to Super Sweet 16 party and didn’t think it would be a “kiddy party” (I see you suckas that ditched me, lol). Lola, I love you! Stay up and keep working hard. See you this week ;].

(I just went through my gallery of pictures and realized we don’t have any pictures together! We are so takin’ some when you come over :])

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  1. Lola

    December 22, 2008 11:53 pm

    awwwwwwwwwwweee U are so cute!
    thanks Karla! It really made my day, while i was waiting for 3 hours and change at the airport!!

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