Okay, I’m like all in the Christmas spirit now that December is here. Although the grass is still green, it’s cold as f*ck (Addy says I can’t cuss anymore, I’ll just censor it, lol) ! They announced a snow storm yesterday and I was hoping for a snow day today but I once again jinxed myself. I went to sleep at 1AM and only got 5 hours of sleep, ugh. Anyways, while it rained and snowed yesterday, I was helping my mom put up the Christmas tree. It’s looking oh so lovely. We decided to keep it simple this year and not go all out with the decorations lol (I forgot to buy the Star to put up top!!!). I took pictures this morning before I left for school. I must say, I am so in the spirit! My dad won’t be here this Christmas :(… he is leaving next Thursday to Congo, Africa. It’s gonna be the first Christmas he spends without the family. Before I head out and do my homework, here are some pictures of my Christmas tree and below the pictures, I posted a video of my homegirl DimpleZz covering Chris Brown’s “This Christmas” hollllllllllllllla !


Love you DimpleZz <3