I’ve been soooo busy for these past couple of days. Sorry for the lack of updates. Thursday was the Wayne concert which I will be posting pictures/videos soon! I had great seats courtesy of my homie Drake and I had a great time. I’ll blog about it later. Yesterday I went downtown to Remix to see mi familia and then I went off to LiveStock to meet The Clipse with Chantle & Coburn. I got pictures of that too! Everyone’s asking me to update my blog which I’m supposed to be doing right now but I can’t. I woke up late this morning and then I went to the gym and now I’m at Anais’ house blogging on her pc. We’re getting ready to go out to Star Search Sauga 2; a talent show put together by my homies Rich Kidd, Addy and Raymond. I’m hyped for that! I’ll take lots of pics as welllll.

I’m outta here,

(Here’s a pic of me in Anais’ basement taken with my blackberry)