On Tuesday I went to MTV to watch Famous perform live. I met up with Will at Square One and then we drove downtown. It was a chill ride & we were just talking about our youth & what not. Anyways he dropped me at Dufferin station & I took the subway to Bloor x Yonge. I got to MTV & bumped into DJ Smartiez, Ron D & DJ James Redi. My homie Rez hooked me up with a pass to chill downstairs in the changing room with the rest of the crew. It was madddd energy in the building. There was lots of people such as Kim Davis, Tona, Lancelot, DJ Wristpect, D-10 & his band, Famous, Ayah, Omar + more. It was a lot of fun and was quite entertaining. I am proud of you Famous, Mr Juno Nominee! I don’t have a video of the performance ’cause I was taking pictures but here’s some backstage footage and pictures. It’s the kiiiiiiiid.