Thursday was my school’s semi-formal. It was pretty cool except the DJ sucked… I was with my girls & invited 5 of my out of school friends: Jahvon, Coop, Queenz + 2 of her friends. Anyways.. what’s an event without Photo Will documenting it ? I got the student council to hire him & it turned out glamorous! He took some extra extra sexy shots although he said it was weird for him to shoot a whole bunch of 16 year olds, lol. P.S. I didn’t get to go with my hot date because he had to fly out to New York… but it’s okay, Jahvon kept me company & we killed the dancefloor lol! These are the moment I cherish the most being a teenager living a double life (corny, I know, but it’s true). Even though work is play, I gotta find another sector of play. So I enjoy most of it with my friends & the people that look after me. Shouts to Kiran & Jamie for helping put this beautiful night together. Here are some pictures: