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Once upon a flash

So last week Friday I was downtown over at the PEACE Magazine office for a meeting with Lissa & Heller. After the meeting I had to head over to The Remix Project for another meeting with Lolita Bonita. My Willy Billy was in the building & had his lovely camera. Remix just set up a photography studio & I had a random photoshoot lol. My hair was still fresh from semi-formal so I’m like “Hey, why not“. So I ask Will: “Yo Will blog me.” He’s like: “Actually, yeah I’m gonna shoot Lola first then you’re next“. So blah blah blah, Lola took her pics and when I got to the photography room. T-ReXxX was there getting his dougie fresh on lol. Anywayssss, here are the pics we took! There a lot more but these were some of my favourites.

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