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A true hustle never stops. Not for a second.

MIMS interview with www.hustleGRL.com

Not long ago I got to interview New York Rapper MIMS. His Sophmore album is due on April 7th and touches base with me about it. He also speaks on the comparisons with Gillie Da Kid, his favourite MCs, and more. Be sure to cop his album when it drops and request the song “Move” on your local radio station.

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hustleGRL: You just dropped your new single “Move”, it’s fire! It has been a while since you released new material, what have you been up to? You’re working on a new album right?

MIMS: Yeah, Thanks for the love. Album drops April 7th and it’s called Guilt. Man I’ve basically just been grinding getting the album together and touring. The label I’m signed to went through a transitional period right after Music Is My savior so I chose to lay low and wait until the time was right to come out with another album.

hustleGRL: Why did you name your album Guilt? What’s the story behind it?

MIMS: Since I’ve come into the game I’ve been nothing but successful; my music, financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I’ve been successful and at a time where the economy is unstable and people are dealing with financial burden, foreclosure, and unemployment.

So when I look back and I try to help people and then the next day I’m at the dealership picking’ up a $80,000 vehicle, at some point you have to feel guilty. It’s not to say that I feel like I don’t deserve the things I have.

I just feel like you have to make a decision at many times in life whether or not you’re gonna be happy for yourself or you’re gonna help other people out and be happy, but you can’t help everybody and that’s the key to it.

hustleGRL: In the song for “Move”, you say: “they can call it one-hit wonder, but I guess that means I’m one-up”. What are your views on people calling you one-hit wonder? Do you feel your album will prove these people wrong and if so, how?

MIMS: I think the biggest thing for me to do when it comes to Guilt is just create a great album. I think when you go into making’ an album and you worry about what everybody’s saying’ about you, then you just get – you have a single mind state.

Basically your mind state, you’re on a one track the whole time and the album’s gonna basically sound the same from track 1 to track 15.

For me I think I get in the studio and I create records. I make music. So when it comes to getting’ in the studio, I make a song. That’s how I take onto my album. I make sure that I address the situations that people wanna hear and that’s why I’m calling’ the album Guilt ‘cause it’s a album for the people.

hustleGRL: What kind of production & features have you summed up thus far for your upcoming album?

MIMS: From a production standpoint I’ve worked with the Blackout Movement, the same people who produced This is Why I’m Hot. I also started working’ with some new cats out of Atlanta called Kaliphat. Also worked with Jim Johnson who produced Lollipop for Lil’ Wayne and then I introduced a new production crew into the game called Da Internz. So that’s my production squad.

As far as artists are concerned I got a record on the album with Latoya Luckett. I got a record with J. Holiday. I also have a record with Nice and Smooth, as well as Ky-Mani Marley.

hustleGRL: Well, I’m excited to see the outcome of it! Now let’s switch up subjects, how do you feel about comparisons between you and Gillie Da Kid?

MIMS: I don’t think there’s really much to compare. Gillie does what he does and he’s great at what he does and I do what I do. So I think people are always gonna compare something to someone else at some point. Jay-Z was compared to Big Daddy Kane. Snoop Dogg was compared to Slick Rick.

I did this record Move and now they comparing’ it to a record that Gillie did and I respect that. If that’s what his fans think and that’s what his fans are saying’ then I respect that, but for me I’m just gonna continue to make good music.

(Editor’s note: Listen to Move remix ft. Gillie Da Kid)

For all those people who think there beef or animosity between us there isn’t we actually have a song out now the Move remix.

hustleGRL: Who would you say inspired you to start rapping and who are your current top 5 MCs in the game?

MIMS: The first person I could remember listening to was Slick Rick, like really just falling in love with his style and the choice of music and the sound was Slick Rick, but I got a lot of influence from many a artists.. There’s a million people that inspired me till this day- Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, and Outkast just to name a few.

Top five MCs? Probably the same list I mentioned, but I don’t think I could name just five. I’ll mention a few in no particular order; Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Outkast, Dr. Dre. NWA. There’s a few others, but those are some of the few that I accredit as major inspirations to me.

hustleGRL: Music has evolved in so many ways now-a-days, well hip-hop in general. How do you feel about the music industry today and what are your key elements to be successful in 2009?

MIMS: I think the music industry is 90 percent business, 10 percent talent. I also believe that in order to survive in this industry in 2009, you gotta understand technology and stay ahead of the curve. There’s a lot of things that artists have to do these days to even gain a buzz in this let alone survive. So I think that as long as you’re knowledgeable about where technology is headed you should be okay in this industry.

hustleGRL: Now, I’m born in Germany but I was raised in Toronto, Canada; are you feeling any artists north of the border, mainly in Toronto? Would you consider working with that/those artist(s)?

MIMS: There’s an artist in Toronto by the name of OB. I love his music and I’m actually somewhat interested in signing’ him, working’ out a deal with working’ with him. So hopefully we can work that out. But OB is someone to watch.

  1. DJ Andre 905

    March 29, 2009 2:40 pm

    Great read! Good interview!

  2. LahCoolz

    March 29, 2009 2:52 pm

    Good Job mama! keep it up

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  4. J-True

    April 4, 2009 11:45 am

    too bad OB isnt from toronto.. he is from hamilton, lives in my neighborhood

  5. Kojecahv

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