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Day26 – Forever In a Day

I got my copy today. I went to one HMV downtown today & they were sold out so I had to hit up another a few blocks down! Although I heard the album last week, I still had to go buy it & support great music. The last album I bought that I can remember was “B2K – Pandemonium”… yes another boy band & I was 10 years old, lol. The reason for that is because I usually get albums from the labels straight because they are generous like that. My favorite songs are: Then There’s You, Perfectly Blind & My Heels. Overall the album is great & I can listen through the whole thing without skipping a song. “Forever In A Day” in stores today! Make sure you go cop it. Request their single “Imma Put It on ya” featuring Yung Joc & P. Diddy to you local radio stations. Last but not least, listen/read my interview with Day26 HERE.

And while I was watching College Hill on BET… this commercial came on. Ha, ha.

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  1. Kameelah

    April 14, 2009 11:43 pm

    go in .

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