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Day26 Interview with hustleGRL.com

While Day26 were on their tour bus via St-Louis, I caught up with them before the release of their album. Although a couple of the members were in hibernation aka sleeping, I got a glimpse of their thoughts on a few subjects that I touched. Excited about their anticipated sophomore album “Forever In A Day”, Day26 talks about their favorite songs, the influence Diddy has on them, the possibility of doing a show in Toronto Canada, breaking the Making The Band curse and a lot more! Make sure that you go out on Tuesday April 14th & purchase a copy or more of Day26’s sophomore album “Forever In A Day”. Let’s go people!

You can purchase their current single “Imma Put it on Her” featuring Yung Joc & P. Diddy on iTunes by clicking HERE. Make sure you visit their official website: www.day26online.com.

(Press the PLAY button to hear the boys speak & follow through the interview!)
[audio:http://hustlegrl.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/hustlegrlcom-day26-interview.mp3] download the interview here

Willie: Willie’s on the line, Willie’s is on the line and I keep on getting thrown off the line and its disrespectful.

Brian: Brian’s on the line, Brian’s on the line, Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian’s on the line

hustleGRL: Hi guys what’s up?

Day26: How you doing girl?

hustleGRL: I’m good! This is Karla from www.hustleGRL.com. How y’all doing?

Brian: Hey hustleGRL!

hustleGRL: Are you guys excited for the release of your new album?

Brian: Whaaaaaaat?!

Willie: What?! Aw man, we can’t wait. We can’t wait. It’s taking too long man. It’s like everyday we finding out something new. Like yesterday we just seen the first copies of the album and I don’t have one so that really hurts.

Brian: Aaahh

Willie: It’s like you know, it’s crazy man. We’re out doing our thing at shows you know, we shot the video; the video came out. We just shot another the one which will be coming out I guess by the time the album comes out. So it’s like – We working man, we working. We ain’t really noticing a whole lot of stuff. It ain’t like when sometimes when you have like some promotions and you just last for a long time. This right here, everything is just so shotgun right now and it got me amped.

hustleGRL: Word, wow. Well I know that it dropped on MTV: The Leak so like all the fans got a chance to listen to it and everything. What kind of reaction are you guys hoping to get from the fans and do you think that this will be another platinum album like the first one?

Willie: Well you know, we hoping and praying for a better response than the first one, you know what I mean, at the end of the day. The first one came out like a year ago and it did great. It was hand-picked for us by Diddy and Diddy did his thing you know what I’m saying. Big ups to him and then another big ups to him for throwing the ball in our court for the second album and finding out who really Day26 really is you know. So we went in and we wrote on this album, we co-produced on this album, we got in with some of the hottest producers , we got some of the hottest collabos and we did it, you know what I’m saying . So at the end of the day, when he came and when he asked us to come to his crib and let him hear what we had, he couldn’t do nothing but stand up, smile. You know, so we expected him to play his Diddy role and get on the Blackberry but he didn’t. He got up, started dancing, smiling, he was an excited man. From that day on man you know, Day26 and Diddy been pretty good friends.

hustleGRL: That’s good. So what is the positive aspect of working with someone like Diddy?

Willie: Man you know, c’mon man, P.-DI-DDY. You know, that’s –

Brian: Papa Diddy Puff!

Willie: One thing you can learn from this dude is that he is probably one of the hardest working people who enriched in everything and he still hustles. His hustle game is – you can’t beat him. It’s like – and it’s like sometimes I’m online and I’m looking at all the stuff that he’s doing and I’m trying to compete because I’m like: “I can’t let him beat me promoting me”. You know what I’m saying? So it’s like, so he’s on Twitter [so] I said I’m going to have to jump on Twitter. But of course he’s got probably a hundred-and-something thousand more people that I get, but at the of the day I’m working too. You know what I’m saying, then I go online and I see that he has some Live Chats where he just be dancing and singing and moving and talking to his fans. It’s like this dude has – he can chill, like he can lay back, chill-relax, live the rest of his life but he doesn’t. He just – you just got to admire that about the guy. If I can learn anything from this guy, it’s just the grind. He don’t sleep. Like he said, he don’t sleep, he don’t sleep and he’s still partying and then he parties, work hard. It’s like, I don’t know man. Diddy’s a robot.

hustleGRL: Are all the guys on the phone right now?

Willie: Uh, naw. Everybody ain’t on the phone but they in the atmosphere though.

hustleGRL: Okay so, I have a question for each one of you so um —

Willie: Okay you just tell me and if I’m close to the person or if Brian’s close to the person, we’ll just go get them.

hustleGRL: I wanted to know what song can you guys relate [to] the most on the album and why?

(Willie decides to get off topic due to something that happened in the background, lol)

Willie: Oh my God. (laughs) Delete and pause. (laughs) I’m leaving the atmosphere now. Naw yo, the tour bus is an amazing place. Owwwww, sorry, okay go on.

Brian: (in the background) Where we at?

Willie: We in St-Louis.

(Now back to the topic)

Willie: Ay babygirl.

hustleGRL: Yes?

Willie: You had a question for who?

hustleGRL: Well I wanted each one of you guys to answer: what song can you relate to on the album and why?

Willie: Okay, I know for Que, unless you want to hear his voice, I know the song he can relate to the most is probably “Perfectly Blind”. You know, that song is real, near and dear to his heart and at a certain point in his life he thought he was perfectly blind. I’m just playing (laughs)

Brian: (in the background) Lord I can’t see! Lord I can’t see!

Qwanell: Hello?

hustleGRL: Hello?

Qwanell: Hiiiiii.

hustleGRL: Hiii Que, what’s up?

Qwanell: How you doing? Yeah um, “Perfectly Blind” is a song me and Dawn wrote, you know what I’m saying. If you watched the show(Making The Band 4), you saw the situation I was going through. You looked at the temper that I was lashing out to everybody but I wrote that song when I was going through that situation; when I felt like nobody really understood where I was coming from. So you know artists, they express themselves through music so I just wrote that song and it came out really really good and everybody liked it. Diddy said it’s his favourite.

hustleGRL: Yeah it’s actually my favourite song on the album too! I was listening to yesterday [and] I was like “Wow, this song is dope”.

Qwanell: Yeah, its really powerful because it’s so true and its so real. That’s like, what the words are saying is exactly what I was going through. That song is so real.

hustleGRL: Okay, thanks. What about for Willie?

Qwanell: Williiiiie, they wanna know your favourite song Willie.

Willie: (sings/raps in the background) Y’hello?

hustleGRL: What song can you relate to the most and why?

Willie: You know um, my favourite song right now, it changes all the time. So today it’s going to be different than it will be tomorrow. So today it has to be “Baby Maker” because I feel like baby making.

Brian: (in the background) Go ahead playboy!

Willie: (sings) I feel like baby making.

Brian: (in the background) After we leave the cluuuub.

Willie: (sings) Booty shaking.

Brian: (in the background) Ooooh

Willie: I’m just playing (laughs) “Baby Maker” is a dope record man, you know what I’m saying. It’s really dope so today it’s “Baby Maker”.

Brian: (in the background) Somebody’s gonna have some babies!

Willie: But tomorrow it might be “So Good” so you know.

hustleGRL: So what about Brian?

Willie: Brian, you on the phone B?

Brian: My favourite song off the album, it would have to be um, hmm; it’s a tie between “Your Heels” and “Truth is a lie”. Because you know, every man likes a woman, loves a woman with sexy legs in heels. You know, there’s something about heels that make women’s legs look so damn good and then “Truth is a lie” because, the truth really is a lie y’all. Don’t nobody tell the truth, no one tells the truth. (laughs) Nah so um, those are my two favourite songs though.

hustleGRL: What about for Big Mike?

Brian: Uh hold on. (yells) Mike, Michael, Michael, Michael. I think Michael fell asleep on us, hold on. I think Michael fell asleep. We might of lost Michael during hibernation.

Willie: Yo.

hustleGRL: Hellooo, Mike?

Willie: Nah Mike is sleeping but however, Mike likes “Bi-Polar” a lot. I know Mike really like the “Bi-Polar”, you know what I mean. He comes on, he moves and everything else so I think he would have to go with “Bi-Polar” and — You know what man, those are really hard questions to ask Day26 seeing that we write, we co-produce a lot of records on our album, you know what I’m saying. It’s like having children, it’s hard to just pick one. You know, so it’s like, this album is so amazing to us. We went in on this album, you know what I’m saying. Like “I’ma Put it on Her”, I think by far [was] the perfect first single for us. It is one of those records — it was nothing like that on our first album but however you feel, get that Day26 feel from it, you know what I mean. So we did that record and then like Brian was saying, “Your Heels” is another record that’s — oh man, that’s going to be something else man. We just want everybody to really go out on April 14th and pick that record up, show the support for Day26 and at the same time enjoy some of the best music you’re probably going to hear this year. We raising the bar.

hustleGRL: Is Robert around?

Willie: Let me see if I can find Rob. He’s hibernating too but I’ma punch him and wake him up. (talks to Robert) Yo Robbie, what’s your favourite song on the album? — He said Bi-Polar. You can write down: “He was hibernating, Will punched him in the leg, asked him what’s his favorite song and in hibernation he said ‘Bi-Polar’, and then turned back around and went back to sleep.”

hustleGRL: (laughs) Okay, I’ll write that. So you guys are touring right now? Did the tour start yet?

Willie: Yeah we on the promo tour now. We really just beating the block up and letting everybody know that “Imma Put It on Her” is the best single in the world.

hustleGRL: Okay and like what has the experience been like so far?

Willie: Man it’s so crazy man. Day26 fans man, we love y’all to death. We — y’all chase us and it’s like, it’s a lot of y’all. We thank God for it, we thank God that it’s a lot of y’all. Man when we say we going to be to places man they be so many people. It’s like there never been a market we went to and there wasn’t a lot of people. It’s like we go to the mall and sign autographs there’s a whole lot of people there. We go to a school there’s a whole lot people there. We go to a club at night, there’s a whole lot of people it’s like there’s a lot of people who follow Day26 man. It’s all blessed because of God man. You know I just want to encourage everybody to just pray that we get out of this recession you know what I mean? We need to get out of this recession man. It’s a lot going on you know what I’m saying in this world and we just need to overcome it you know what I’m saying and prayer works. So let’s just pray, pray that this recession ends and you know and other prayers you know. We just got to pray you know, so we continue to be successful in our lives no matter what it is. Whether it is doing what you guys doing, journalism or is it making music like we do or whatever it is you understand. We got to keep our support up for each other you know.

hustleGRL: Do you guys know if you guys will be coming to Canada for the tour?

Willie: Uh, if you guys request us in Canada.

hustleGRL: Okay I’ll make sure that happens. (laughs)

Willie: Hey you know what? It’s so funny because, see, I was in Detroit and I’m looking right across the water and they told me that was Canada.

hustleGRL: Yeah that’s, um, the other side is Windsor.

Willie: I’m looking, I’m looking out the window of my hotel, like a couple days ago we was in Detroit. I’m looking out my window and I seen like a “Big Caesars” or something right across the water. Is there like a casino or something out there?

hustleGRL: Um I don’t, well I don’t live in Windsor I live in Toronto but I – yeah, but like I haven’t really been there. But like whatever is like on the other side of that bridge or the water that’s Windsor.

Willie: I was like “wow” (laughs) that’s something else to me man because I never been over there and I really want to go.

hustleGRL: Yeah its fun. You guys should come by; you guys should come to Toronto for a show.

Willie: The best thing for you guys to do man, is get us out there, request us out there. Let our label know that y’all want us out there because that’s the only way they’re going to do it.

hustleGRL: Alright for sure (laughs). Um okay, what do you guys do for fun when you’re not in front of the camera? I know you guys have your whole life on TV and everything, but is there anything that you guys do in particular when you’re not in front of the cameras?

Willie: Man we are so big on sports man. Like we are competitive dudes and anything with sports, we will, we will have a spit contest [of] who can spit the farthest. It’s like we’ll play some games, we always in competition. And I think that’s part of why we here together as a group because we came from a competition and it make sense. You know. We’re just all these competitive dudes who just always want to be the best. You have to show them, like I be doing. (laughs)

hustleGRL: So is it difficult to maintain a private life since you’re always on the spot light?

Willie: You know it is because you know even this season they brought my son on and you know its more things to it now. So it’s like they ask you: “Is it cool?”, but you know that at the end of the day you want to let people to know exactly the way you feeling and emotions behind everything. You know like me, one of my main reasons for not even doing making the band was because I have a son back home man. My son wasn’t that old when I first started. So and I had — It was so close to my problems that I made that I was going to be with everyday cause you know that’s my first born, I just want everything for him. So it’s like when I, when they asked me if he can come on, I didn’t have a problem with it because you know what I’m saying it’s part of my life and they feeling my life so hey that’s what it was. So you know we don’t have no privacy though, at all, the privacy is out of the window, you know what I’m saying. Y’all pretty much know everything, y’all don’t know every everything but y’all know exactly who we are. When people come to us they be like “Ay man it’s like we know y’all”. It’s freaky because you do, because we ain’t faking for the camera; it’s who we are you know what I’m saying. Y’all see us and you know, some people get it twisted thought like, one day we at the airport and this girl looked at us and was like “I know y’all ain’t going to walk pass me and not say hi. Not after I’ve been with y’all after all these years”. I’m like yo, I just scratched my head, I looked around I’m like okay, maybe she don’t know that we ain’t watching her when she watching us. She was mad too, like she was just like “I know y’all ain’t just going to walk pass me”. We had to stop and give her a hug and whatever. People just have that feeling that really know us. Like they’ve been watching the show for so long. They seen us when we first, you know, started, when they showed the first thing, the first time “Alright, cool, you go to the next round”. We sung up in front of Diddy with 20 other dudes up there with us.

hustleGRL: Yeah the reason for that is probably because you guys are like, you guys are acting like yourselves on TV so its not like you guys are putting up a front or anything.

Willie: Yeah, yeah we ain’t frontin’ at all. What you see is really what you get. It’s like that but you know what I’m saying of course, they’re not going to show you everything because they got a certain story line they got to go by. It’s like man, okay, you know they got to make it make sense. So they made it make sense and for the most part of it, it is what it is you know what I’m saying? The best part of Day26, the thing I’m proud of the most is that we had a situation and we overcame our situation and we’re standing here strong right now, with the same love, we’re still a family, we’re still brothers, we ain’t going no where, album in stores April 14th Forever in a Day.

hustleGRL: Okay, one last question. The bad boy camp hasn’t had like great success keeping groups together like example would be like Danity Kane, B5, and Dream and etcetera. What are you guys going to do different so that you don’t meet the same fate?

Willie: Well you know what? At the end of the day man, I don’t even know any of those situations. So it’s not, it’s like, it’s hard. Me personally I talk to Slim and Q from 112, you know and they’re good friends of mine, but you know as far as Danity Kane we know they story, but B5 I’ve never met, Dream I’ve never met. You know by the end of the day, I think it’s about your business. You got to come the hardest. This business is 99% business and that 1% is what you — the glist and glamor that everybody else will see you have and you know, you have to have your business task straight. You can’t be around here just doing the work and not understanding where your money [is] coming from, how you’re going to get paid. It all boils down to somebody else getting paid more than you getting paid and you be like: “I ain’t really feeling that no more”. You just got to get up and do your grind. You got to get your grind, you got to make sure you can’t let nobody outwork you. One thing I will not do is I can not let Diddy outwork me trying to sell my product. So it’s like you have to work for yourself. The internet is so powerful right now. It’s like the world is in your living room when you on the web and it’s like you can talk to so many people. That’s why we Twitter, that’s why we YouTube, that’s why we MySpace, that’s why we Facebook. That’s why we try to do everything that we can do in our power that can make our fans feel so connected to us that they feel like an obligation, like it’s like family. Just like they follow me, I follow them. It makes it more of a — not such a ‘I’m up here, you down here’ type thing, you know what I mean. And we’re all equal. It’s my job, I’m making great music, you support me because you love my great music. And the more people you touch like that, you know, the greater your success will be. You know, I just be sitting here brainstorming the majority of the time like: “Man if I can get 3 to 4 million followers”, you know what I’m saying; what would that be like to have that many people following you and wanting to know your every move? At a marketing stand point, that’s so much, you can do so much, you know what I’m saying. You wouldn’t even need, realistically, you wouldn’t even really need a label if you had it like that. If you had so many people who were attached to you, then you can sell a t-shirt. You can probably get 1 million people to buy your t-shirt if you got 4 million followers. So it’s more like a business and I think that’s what Day26 is bringing that a lot of the other groups probably didn’t have in their head. They probably thought it was more so like: “Here, we work for Diddy and he knows what he’s doing and let him do that”. At the end of the day, Diddy is an artist too so Diddy got to do what Diddy has to do for Diddy too, you know what I mean. So I think Day26 is going to be around for a long time because we went and got our business straight. We know exactly where our dollars are going, we pay our taxes, we do what we need to do to hold on to our success.

hustleGRL: Alright that’s great, thank you.

Willie: Sorry the answer was so long, I just had so much to say.

hustleGRL: It’s all good.

Photo credits: Day-26.com

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