It’s finally here and it’s all I’ve been bumping since it dropped. As one of the most renown underground artists in Hip Hop Nickelus F as endured the hardships of the music industry and life. Heathen is his story and outlines his trials & tribulations while dealing with the reality of the streets of Richmond, Virginia. Nick’s name may be new to a lot of people, but the industry has been watching his grind for years and he’s been working his whole life for this record and is proud that he has gotten the opportunity to give his story (in music) to the people on his own terms.

I don’t have a favourite song yet, but this is what’s crackin’:

Download the album HERE.

Watch Nickelus F talk about Heathen

Also, here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming music video for Fusion Unltd.’s “THE SUN” featuring Little Brother, Nickelus F, Hall of Fame and Skillz. The video will premiere on Monday April 13th on okayplayer.com.