Last week while I was at work, I interviewed my friend TreaZon on AIM. Not long ago, he dropped his amazing mixtape “9 Steps“. Because of how amazing it was, I had to interview him about it! His answers were great and he kept it 100 all the way through. Make sure you download his mixtape here and add him on MySpace!

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hustleGRL: Hey TreaZon, how are you?

TreaZon: I’m good, living everyday so I can’t about yourself?

hustleGRL: I am fine, just at work squeezing in this interview. Okay start off by introducing yourself to the world for those who don’t know you. Give us a little background information.

TreaZon: Ha, well I appreciate you taking the time. Basically, I’m a regular guy that can spit some bars. I’ve been doing this since I was about 15 and ever since then it’s been a progression. I claim the one and only Cleveland, Ohio and I’d describe my music as “soulful”.

hustleGRL: Ha I agree with you on the “soulful” part. You just dropped your mixtape “9 Steps” which is an amazing mixtape by the way! I love it. How did the recording and beat selection procedure go about?

TreaZon: 9 Steps is one of my deeper projects. I got the idea from Termanology kind of, ’cause he did a mixtape with all Dilla beats, so I decided to do 9th Wonder, who’s my favorite producer. Then I took the concept of Divine Comedy(a Italian work of literature) and incorporated that into the music. The recording process remains the same as I do all of my joints, I go to a local studio with my boy J Da Guide, my engineer. Real easy, haha.
hustleGRL: Crazy, not a lot of artist have creative concepts when it comes to their mixtape. 9th Wonder is a great producer. Was it hard to pick beats? Did you ever come across a writer’s block?

TreaZon: It was real easy to pick beats. 9 Steps is only 13 songs, but if you count all of the songs I scrapped, it’s a good 30 songs. I’ve always used 9th Wonder beats on mixtapes, going back to like Semantics 1. I’m always able to identify with them. I never had a writer’s block or anything like that, the main problem was, I didn’t wanna be too deep. I felt like the sound I was going for was TOO dark, so I tried to lighten it up a little bit. I didn’t wanna seem like I was depressed 24/7, so I had to make those songs with a brighter feel.

hustleGRL: Nice. So now I know that you named the mixtape in inspiration of selecting only 9th wonder beats but why did you name it “9 Steps”?

TreaZon: Well, the original name was 9 Steps From The Horizon. The reasoning is because I’m working on a actual album entitled Horizon. So this was going to be the mixtape that gets the world ready for the album. You can hear references to “Horizon” throughout the mixtape if you listen closely. The name kind of just changed, it wasn’t even like spoken of, haha. We just started calling it 9 Steps. I guess 9 Steps From The Horizon is a long title. The name really defines the Divine Comedy concept, because it’s like walking from hell on earth to the horizon in the sky.

hustleGRL: Deep. I love you the you think. Now, every rapper has a favorite rapper. If you were stuck in a room with 5 MCs for 24 hours, (pause) & all they could listen to was your mixtape, who would they be?

TreaZon: Haha, pause indeed. Nah, but let’s see. I’d say Phonte of course because of his classic work with 9th, and he’s one of my favorite MC’s. Charles Hamilton, he probably could dig it. KiD CuDi, I gotta show him there’s someone else in Cleveland who can do it nowadays, haha. Um, Joe Budden, he’s become one of my favorite artists lately with Padded Room. And lastly, Nas, just because he’s my favorite MC of all time. That was actually hard to come up with, ha.

hustleGRL: That’s a nice line-up. And what are your personal favorite songs on the tape?

TreaZon: I really like Sailor Moon. That song is so outrageous, and when I think of how we came up with the concept, it’s great. Not to mention we all went in. My favorite would have to be Wingless, though. I really spilled my heart out on that one. Runner-up is Parachute. It’s not often where you hear me get my singing on.

hustleGRL: On the song “One” you’re talking about a specific female, you’re ex-girlfriend I believe? But instead of bashing her (like some rappers would do) you express your love that you still hold for her. Why did you decide to throw that song on the mixtape although your relationship was over?

(Editor’s note: Listen to One)

TreaZon: Nah, I think you have it wrong. Our relationship wasn’t over, and still isn’t actually. In the beginning of the song, I state that I was angry at her at the time of the recording, we were in our typical argument fashion, ha. I kind of said that in the beginning as a joke, and said the song almost didn’t happen because of our arguing. But yeah, everything is good between us, haha.

hustleGRL: Oh, then that’s my fault. Then I guess my following question will be irrelevant so I will skip it haha.

TreaZon: Haha, it’s all good

hustleGRL: So, what’s your label/management position looking like? Are you signed or managed by anyone?

TreaZon: I think that’s the main problem right now. I’m kind of freelancing in terms of management, I don’t really have a manager at the time. My boy Mint used to manage me, but now he’s more of a business partner. So anybody interested in being my manager, holla at me! As far as a label, I’m completely unsigned. I’m going to get my Drake on wait a while before I get into that.

hustleGRL: Ha ha. So what exactly is Mint45, Sailor Moon, & Genzu Nation? I hear you mention it in your songs all the time.

TreaZon: Uh..Well we don’t even go by Mint45 anymore, we just go by 45 now. 45 used to be a “record label”, but now we just consider ourselves a squad. Sailor Moon is a squad consisting of the same members of 45. Yeah, I know, it sounds stupid. Sailor Moon came about with a phone conversation about the show, and we kind of started calling ourselves that as a joke and it stuck. Genzu Nation is yet ANOTHER squad, but it’s more so to rep my friend who went to the air force and is currently in Korea, “serving his country”.

hustleGRL: Oh okay, so are there any major labels you’d like to get signed to?

TreaZon: Not necessarily, because I don’t feel like I make any music that a major label would push, and I’d get shelved. If I had to pick one, it would be Interscope. They have so many great artists over there and it seems like a nice place to be. I’d love to work with some of the guys over there one day. I’m more of a independent artist though.

hustleGRL: I feel you… Has anyone offered any deals yet?

TreaZon: I’ve gotten a few offers from some independents, but nothing that I would consider relevant enough to consider. I’m just falling back making music until the correct situation comes about.

hustleGRL: Okay so what can we look forward to for the rest of the year? Any other projects?

TreaZon: I was actually supposed to be retiring after 9 Steps, but it’s not looking like that’s going to happen, haha. I think I’m going to chill on doing solo projects for a while. Me and Threatz are doing a EP after his solo mixtape The Breaking Point. We haven’t came up with a name yet but it’s definitely coming. I think I’m gonna do a re-release of my mixtape of last year called Breathe Life On ‘Em hosted by Mick Boogie. We didn’t really execute that properly so that’ll be out in a couple months as well.

hustleGRL: Well that’s great to hear that you’re not retiring haha. Well it was a pleasure interviewing you. Where can people go check out your music?

TreaZon: Thanks, I appreciate the interview. People can check out You can check out for new joints I do, they’ll most likely be posted there. Check out the blog at as well. More importantly, look out for Threatz’ new project The Breaking Point coming next month!

hustleGRL: Last but not least, any shout outs?

TreaZon: Of course I gotta shout out the homie Threatz, my partner in crime. Shouts to Mint, the whole 45/Sailor Moon/Genzu Nation. Big ups to my homie Dasanto, keep ya head up. My fam DJ Genzu Blade, we miss you homie. All the Wave Club fam, Illroots, 2DopeBoyz, all the blogs that support me. Those are the main people so we’ll just leave it at that. Thanks hustleGRL!