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Karla Moy: What does Toronto mean to me ?

I kept it nice, short, sweet & simple.
(play this song as you read it)

Toronto means diversity. Toronto means culture. In Toronto, it’s all about the people. You have blacks, whites, middle easterners and asians amongst the spectrum of diversity. But at the end of the day, it’s all about us; the youth. Toronto relies on us to lead the future whether it comes to politics, art, entertainment, society, health, technology and lifestyle. The next generation is looked on to carry the torch of both tradition and progress.

I was blessed to wind up with the right group of individuals who helped me develop into the young lady that I am today. With that said, Toronto is full of avenues and opportunities. They’re not all at your disposal so you have to dig deep into the crates and select what suits you.

Dubbed as the Screwface Capital, I find the criteria for that title dying day after day. As a city, we are coming together as one and are eliminating our old ways of denigrating every little thing to come out of our hometown.

Thus said, this is MY Toronto, YOUR Toronto, OUR Toronto.

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  1. Yousef Yeezy

    May 31, 2009 2:49 am

    This was an inspirational blog. I mean toronto is so culturally diverse and different then any other city. Whats most important is that you got my back, I got you back, and we all have each others backs.

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