Photos: My 17th Birthday Party ft. Day26, Drake & Trey Songz

  • Dre

    I wonder how you got these guys to come to you 17th Birthday Party.

  • Lauren

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG…that was THE place to be!! i wish i had the money to travel up there for it!! So happy for u Karleezy, i know that was a HAPPY birthday! lol, where’s my cake?! i know it’s gone lol

  • Ms. MusiQ

    I’m soooooooooooo effin DEPRESSED that I missed it!! UGH!!! :(

    Glad you had fun mama!

  • Anais

    IM SO CHEEEEEEEEEESSED. like why tha 9th ?
    ugh.. but ma yu looked effin fine .. not fine..but FOIINE.
    lol im glad yu had yur day.
    P.s lovin the pic of yu and drake looking at eachother aww :)

  • Obemah

    living the life love T.O watch out for the cabbana hehe

  • Bizzy

    Drake has a freakin nice ass.

  • Ashez

    Karla it was a great night styl. Glad you enjoyed your bday…and anytime you wanna bring them back….please feel free! lol <3

  • albinos

    I am francaise, my daughter n is no albino as you said it. it is one one hundred for one hundred francaise, she plays the Africain dance and of decale cup for almost 3 years. When you will make better than it, dispatch your video and one will see. bye

  • hustleGRL

    Je suis francaise aussi. C’était seulement une blague.

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