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Photos: Mint&Serf curates Ace Hotel rooms in New York

Over the last six months, Mint&Serf has had the pleasure of working with the Ace Hotel in New York City on curating original artwork for rooms at the newly opened hotel. Artists include: Brian Procell, Enjoy Banking, Faust, Machine (Team Facelift), Mosco, PegLeg, Pork, Pablo Powers, Jordan Seiler, Stephen Holding, Sean Vegezzi, Tristan Eaton, Mint&Serf. Check out their work below. It looks lovely! I might have to do this to my room one day…

You can check out more photos here.

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  1. 2thoro

    October 20, 2009 3:00 pm

    This is so fresh it hurts.
    Good looks on the find.

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