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10 Best Sports References From “No Ceilings” Mixtape

I spotted this on the Nah Right Lite by ways of TGIF. I must say, Lil Wayne has so many quotable bars on his new No Ceilings mixtape. So the good people over at TGIF decided to compile a top 10 list of Lil Wayne’s best sports references from the mixtape. Clever.

TGIF:Not too many people sit across the table from Skip Bayless and hold their own. But that’s exactly what Lil’ Wayne, a self proclaimed Sportscenter junkie, did on 1st & 10. Then the “mixtape Weezy” out did himself with over 100 sports references on the instant classic “No Ceilings”. Thank God I’m Famous highlights the 10 best.

10) “Quarterback Weezy/Young Tom Brady/Open up your mouth and catch a bomb baby” – That’s All I Have

9) “I’m in the zone like a fastball/and I fuck up the game like a bad call” – D.O.A.

8) “Drop my best shit like the Cowboys dropped Owens” -Banned From TV

7) “Walk around like I’m 30 feet tall/Tiger Woods on these hoes tryna birdie these balls” -Swag Surfin

6) “Young Nino nigga/Do it for my team Tim Tebow nigga!” -D.O.A.

5) “Gucci only to the grocery store/Quit playing bitch we ballin like Okafor” -Throw It In The Bag Remix

4) “Yall niggas Little League/Call ‘em Curacao” -Wasted

3) “Quarterback shotgun you don’t get any sack yards/Bitch I ball hard breaking all the backboards/Pretty Boy Floyd step up I’ll crack yours” -Swag Surfin

2) “Smoke weed talk shit like Lake Kiffin” -Banned From TV

1) “Looking for a bitch for some sexual healing/Open up her mouth she catch it like Braylon” -No Ceilings

Bonus: “I get big checks/Niketown bitch” -Banned From TV

Loved it. A couple of my personal favourites are:

“New Orleans nigga; I get superdome.” -Wasted
“I’m charging these hoes like women basketball” -Banned From TV

  1. CheezyDoDo

    November 10, 2009 4:23 am

    “Woman kicking it with me like Nomar Garciaparra”

    is better than all those lines cuz Nomar’s wifey is womans soccer legend Mia Hamm

    and he said some shit like “charge hoes like woman basketball” lol i thought that was slick

  2. James

    February 2, 2010 5:38 pm

    This is an awesome article

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