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A true hustle never stops. Not for a second.

The Homecoming Queen


My friend Bryan Espiritu blogged about this issue. He pointed out the fact that “a fabricated, material world can easily make us forget the importance of being human.“. He also says: “People have an attraction to potential. They are mesmerized by the possibility of success, and they want to hold the golden hand of the leaders.“. Below are photos that portray the message of vanity over family.

“The Homecoming Queen” by AORTA/Marco Grizelj
A young girl returns home after being away for a year, working as a model.
To her younger sister, she is a hero.
But life in the fashion world has transformed her…

They say if you’re not changed by money, you haven’t made enough. I believe this. But I do not believe that the change should be one that makes a person forget base human qualities, or neglect the beaten paths they once had to tread to find a clear road. All too often we speak on our hardships, our struggles, our ways out of the dirt, onto our feet, and beyond the clouds. But we do so with an arrogance that says nothing of humbleness and warmth. It says all too much about remembering a moment in life, but not enough about remembering the experience. ©Bryan

Be aware. There are Homecoming Queens all around. And most are nearly nothing without a crown.

  1. StarBaby

    November 12, 2009 11:40 pm

    Great spread! The pieces feautred are some excellent fashion moves.

  2. StarBaby

    November 12, 2009 11:41 pm

    Great spread! The pieces featured are some excellent fashion moves.

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