So, where do I start? I caught the game mid 2nd quarter and yes I know, we won; but, did we play good? The Raptors used the 3rd quarter to dominate the Hornets but the lead got to their head. The lazy defense wasn’t tight and they had stupid turnovers. Every basket missed by the Hornets should of been a basket for us. Although they won, they didn’t have that much control of their plays. Thank God they had the 3s on point (I see you Bargnani) or else it would of been a wrap for them, really. Let’s move on to the free-throws… Calderon, why are you missing free-throws? There’s no reason why you should be doing so considering the fact that you were on one of the best free-throw shooting teams last year. Do we need to go back to highschool and practice our free-throws in gym class (you too Bosh)? I think not… so let’s get it together Raps! Maybe if I coach the Raptors, we could go to the championships ;) hahaha. Shouts to Chris Paul for playing his best last night. You can tell he was really trying to help out his team. Anyways, the next Raptors game is today @ Dallas at 8:30PM. Check out the video re-cap from yesterday’s game below courtesy of the NBA.

Play ball!