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VIBE Magazine Interviews Chase N. Cashe

[audio:http://hustlegrl.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Lil_Wayne-Drop_The_World__Feat_Eminem_.mp3] Meet the producer behind Lil Wayne’s new dream collabo with Eminem

Just four years ago, Jesse “Chase N. Cashe” Woodard was a high school student escaping to Hollywood from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Now the self-taught beatsmith is getting his big break with the recently leaked “Drop the World,” co-produced with his partner Hit-Boy, both of whom work under producer extraordinaire Polow Da Don’s Zone 4 imprint. They’ve also got their own crew, Surf Club, which Chase describes as a Dipset/NERD mix.

VIBE: How did you end up meeting Lil Wayne?
Chase N. Cashe: My peers. A lot of my good friends are actually within the Young Money clique, then through other interactions in the industry. He did the shit for Keri [Hilson, who’s also under Zone 4] so I bump into him at shoots and stuff. But really you gotta get to Wayne through his people.

How did you go from meeting his crew to working with him?
The whole thing stemmed from his engineer KY. Me and KY are cool from back when we lived in Atlanta. KY is a fan of our stuff and was like, “Man, Wayne need some new shit for the YM album and Rebirth.” He hit me on Twitter [Laughs]. I sent like five [beats] and four got used. Three went to the Young Money album. And then one to Rebirth. The other one got danced to by Omarion on World Star [Hip-Hop] when he was on Young Money.

How long did it take Wayne to respond?
Maybe like a month I got word back that he did the songs… Me and Hit-Boy had the beat for a minute. My people from Def Jam hit me for some shit that was hard. But we didn’t make the cut, but I used to play the beat all the time to myself and be like, Wayne would kill this. Never thought of Eminem, though.

Did you think, “This is hot!” or did you feel blasé’ about the beat?
When I heard Em’s verse, I forgot I made the beat [Laughs]. The whole song is complemented by all who worked on it. Everyone did their part. Even how Em did the mini bridge, he had to really feel the beat… Everyone was waiting on Em verse. Like, they knew he was gonna get on it, but no one heard the verse. I really didn’t react until the leak. You know how the game goes, especially with the shit getting pushed back every Tuesday.

So Wayne and Em were not in the studio together when they made the song?
Nah, I don’t think so. You see how Wayne works. He might’ve did his verse on the bus or in Wal-Mart, wherever he’s standing at the time.

Wayne has been campaigning to do a song with Eminem for a long time!
Funny how a N.O. nigga supplies the beat.

Has it hit you yet that you just had a hand in producing a mega track for two of the biggest rappers on the globe?
Yeah. But I don’t have a track with Hov or Kanye yet. And I want to get Drake and J. Cole on a track. I just want to be the cornerstone of this new shit. –Linda Hobbs

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  1. Karma Xi

    December 16, 2009 11:26 pm

    this guy is fuckinnnn greeezy that beat for drink my pain away is nuttttttttts good lookin out on the post i had seen this somewhere i think it was nahright but i closed everything before i looked at it i have issues with tabbing, the interview was definately at the non-visible side of the window lol

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