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Video: Boi-1da Talks Drake & Eminem Live on MuchMusic

Drake & Eminem have both dropped singles today, and producer Boi-1da has actually worked with both artists!

Eminem’s first single off Recovery is called “Not Afraid” and was produced by Boi-1da. The producer dropped by MuchMusic last night to show off his skills and talk about working with the rapper. “Not Afraid” is Boi-1da’s first track with Eminem and it is absolutely nuts! Listen to it here.

Boi-1da also talked about his close relationship with Drake. The pair both hail from Toronto and are actually good friends. Boi-1da is responsible for the beats on such Drake tracks as “Over” and “Best I Ever Had”. Boi-1da told us how he and Drake started working together and his reaction to their first hit track together “Best I Ever Had”.

Boi-1da says “when [Drake] sent me ‘Best I Ever Had’ I was instantly like ‘this is a hit song’. I was amazed. Like, this is so catchy, everyone’s gonna love this song.

The producer also talks about his work with Dr. Dre, and a potential collaboration with the Jonas Brothers.

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  2. JACKILINA ANANIA @jackiebetty

    April 30, 2010 12:30 am

    big ups to hustlegrl & boi1da!!!! killin the game. excited to follow the careers of the both of yous.

  3. JosieLC

    April 30, 2010 5:51 am

    hey hey hey its me the the background. =)

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