Today I did the un-thinkable…I finally made the switch from Blackberry to iPhone. I couldn’t deal with their unreliable BIS network. I also left crappy ass Rogers Robbers and joined Telus with their amazing 60+ voice & data plan. Above is a picture I took of the front window at the Apple store inside Mississauga’s Square One shopping mall.

Here’s a closer look, R.I.P. Steve Jobs :(

My friends Dillon and Kevin were with me through the whole process. Dillon took this photo, and I cropped it to my liking, lol. I’m swagging with my credit card, my J. Cole wallet by Roots Canada, my injured finger, my hustleGRL chain and a million iPhone cases on the wall.

Here’s half of Dillon‘s blurry face and my favourite technician bar, The Genius Bar.

Finally, here’s my Apple store rep lady (I forgot her name). In this picture she’s helping me activate my new iPhone 4S. I named it Pearl JR since my iPad2 is Pearl. Corny, I know, don’t judge me. P.S. I wonder if I can change Siri‘s voice to a male’s voice. Hmmmmmmmm…

There he is: the 16GB White iPhone 4S. I figured the hard drive size would be perfect since I already own a 32GB iPad2. I don’t think I’ll have too much music on there. Nonetheless, I’m happy with my latest purchase and I don’t think I’ll going back to the Blackberry world. Have you recently bought the latest iPhone? Tweet me and let me know what you think about it as well as your favourite feature!