This piece harnesses the talents of 13 fiery Torontonian women to express the nature of hypocrisy–that somewhere underneath the prim and proper is often dark intent. Partially inspired by an Atmosphere line “the world is a vampire, she eats her kids…” as well as Kanye West‘s “My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy,” this piece is an example of what Danielle Da Silva hope to achieve through her upcoming work.

From left to right: Caroline Torti, Victoria Ellingham, Rhiannon McCluskey, Bianca Melchior, Lindsay Leuschner, Jenna Fawcett, Gina Humilde, and Tatiana Parker
Makeup by: Laura King and Christina Anderson
Lighting assistants: Rawbin Linton, Nikita D’Souza,
Concept, direction, photography: Danielle Da Silva