All-Star weekend is finally over, celebrities are flying out of Orlando back to their palaces, NBA players are flying back to their cities to get prepared for the second half of the season. One of my favorite things to see during All-Star weekend is the relationship between the hip-hop artist and basketball players because there’s such an admiration between these two groups its kind of surreal to see them together. I’ve been at events with both, I’ve met some awesome people and I’ve always wondered which group is cooler, who do you think would be more in awe of the other, The Rapper or The Baller?

There really is an admiration the two have for each other, Drake said in one of his verses…

I swear sports and music are so synonymous
Cause we want to be them, and they want to be us

There are ballers who think they can rap and there are rappers who think they can ball (cc. Bow Wow, Common, and plenty and plenty of others) but these cultures are just so immersed in each other you can’t separate the two, whether they are good or not at their side jobs, rappers want to ball and ballers want to rap, its all love between them.

I remember when I interviewed J.Cole back in 09, shortly after the warm up dropped. I was big fan of his prior to that and I saw his potential, as I was asking him questions I thought to myself  “Man, this dude is going to be a star” turns out, I was right, still one of the coolest moments in my career. Also, I am a HUGE Chris Paul fan, anybody that knows me personally know this. I remember watching him play high school ball at West Forsyth High School in Clemmons, North Carolina. I thought in my head seeing him play “This dude is NICE” he went to my favorite sports university Wake Forest, I got to go to some of their practices and I was cool with the team so I got to see some scrimmages and their games. Chris Paul was a terror on the court, then getting to pick his brain once in a while is another favorite moment in my career. If you ask me who’s cooler to be around off camera, I honestly couldn’t tell you.

Who would you rather break bread with? Kanye West or Lebron James? Nicki Minaj or Carmelo Anthony? I guess its all in your preference. If you’ve been in that kind of enviorment its interesting that these stars don’t really want to talk about their own professions. Rapper’s sit and argue about if LeBron will ever win a ring, Ballers talk about who’s hotter ‘Hov or Weezy’. We sit back as fans and think these stars are cool and they look at each other like the other is cooler than themselves.

Who do you think will shut down a party with their entrance at the same venue, Chris Brown or Dwayne Wade? Who’s event do you think would have a bigger turnout if it was on the same day and same city, Rick Ross or Kobe Bryant? If you had a coupon for 2 for $20 at Chilli’s and you had Tyler The Creator’s and Metta World Peace’s (Ron Artest) numbers in your phone, who would you call first? Its all love between these these professions and we all love to see them in their craft, but who do you love just a little bit more? Are you the artsy type or the athletic type?


Who Would You Rather Hang Out With At A Party, A Rapper Or NBA Player?
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