Will We Ever Let Chris Brown & Rihanna Co-Exist?


People are pretty forgiving. Many have come back from egregious acts to rise back to fame.  Everyone knows what happened between Chris & Rihanna 3 years ago and to refer to the statement I just made, they both remodeled their image and in a way, became more successful than they were prior to the incident. With that being said, when you say Chris Brown & Rihanna’s names together it creates instant tension and heavy debate, what’s the reason we can’t let their past be, well, the past?

Rihanna & Chris have been in a media storm this week as reports have come out that they have been in the studio together recording Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” remix. Also Chris supposedly went to Rihanna birthday party. They seem to be ok with each other, but the public isn’t.

In many ways Chris Brown has regained public support as evident by winning a Grammy this past Sunday and being allow to perform at award ceremonies again after being banned for a while. Chris gained an edgier audience and far more exposure as makes more Pop music, which also lets him touch base with his younger fans again. Its funny that as popular Chris can be alone, he will be hated when Rihanna is mentioned.

Rihanna hasn’t necessarily been victimized in this situation as you would think, she caught a lot of flack for supporting Chris Brown since everyone wanted him to be made an example of. Just like Chris, after the incident, Rihanna became a lot more edgy and reached a whole new crowd, her album sales skyrocketed. Likewise, when Chris Brown is mentioned, she is viewed as weak, and a bad role model for women.

They both have worked with the same producers, the same artist, their music reaches the same crowd, its pretty hard for them to shy away from each other forever. Don’t two people have the right to decide if they want to be around each? Do we really have the power to keep two people apart? I understand when you reach a level of fame, your life is public record and the advancement of technology today will never let us forget what Chris Brown did, but forgiving is an entirely different issue. I feel that most of the public’s biggest issue with Chris is that he doesn’t look as though he paid his debt. He got no jail time and whenever you see him his with a new girl and tweeting shots at people who criticize him. The way we think, Chris should be in a dark corner somewhere reading Edgar Allen Poe with unkempt hair drinking his life away. If you think about it, Chris is very similar to Michael Vick in that though he regained a majority of his support but there are still people that hate him for his criminal acts.

America is a country where people can do whatever they want in most terms, expect Rihanna. She can record a video where she’s playing Russian Roulette with some guy from Grey’s Anatomy, she can be sexual and tweet shocking things on twitter and get retweeted by thousands, but she can not record a song with Chris Brown. There has been illuminati rumors around her, comments about her sex life with various people but this is the worst thing she could possibly. Its amazing that the millions of people who are her fans or foes are more iract with with Chris Brown than she is, and she was the person who got assaulted. I think much of the reason that Rihanna gets looked down on is that we all expect her to make happy music and advocate for women everywhere and wear pants suits at events instead of see through dresses. In a perfect world, the public would get exactly want it wants.

What people fail to realize is that we don’t live in a perfect world, good people do bad things and bad people do good things because we are all human. My opinion shouldn’t have any impact on whether these two people can or should be around each other, yet it does. The public opinion is very powerful and when something is disliked the parties are hit hard.  So Rihanna & Chris Brown may be forced to act like the other doesn’t exist but is it right? Maybe to us, but not for them.

By Eskee:


  • Tami

    Great point of view, and I can second that to the last word. As a society we have a lot of dark twisted things happening in our own family and circle of friends, but we want to punish that person in the “spotlight” because we can’t stand up for ourselves or are too ashamed of our lack of action. Bottom line, we all stumble in big or small ways.