The Airplane Boys x Highsnobiety – Toronto

A few weeks ago, I has blessed with the opportunity to drop by the Dream House studio aka The Airplane Boys‘ second home and talk to the duo of Mannie Serranilla (Beck Motley) and Jason Drakes (Bon Voyage) about life, touring, working in the studio, The Alignment and more. It was a cool glimpse into what they do and why they’re so influential to the public as well as the city in which we call home: TORONTO.

In the video above, directed, edited and shot by Warren Credo, The Airplane Boys and Highsnobiety link up on a a visual piece documenting a day in the life of the duo. In the visual, they talk about the city, the screwface stigma, touring, visions, goals and dreams. It’s really an inspiring piece that gives us a look at the creative, spinning and fast-paced world they live in…aka Beau Monde –a beautiful world. Enjoy.