Jeremy Passion is an artist out of the Bay are that makes some of the best music I’ve heard in a really long time and you need to know about him. Let me tell you how I found out about him…..When I was a freshman in college I heard this song ‘Lemonade’ being performed at an open mic by this guy I went to college with. Chile, I got my LIFE when I heard this song #facts. I followed this guy all around just town so I  could hear me some ‘Lemonade’.  Anyway, eventually this guy graduates and I don’t hear this song again until early this year when I randomly stumbled upon Jeremy Passion on YouTube and found out that he was the person who wrote ‘Lemonade’ #Boom.

Turns out Jeremy Passion is something like a BOSS. He’s been building an online buzz since 2003 with his amazing voice, incredible skill as a musician and the Passion he conveys as a Song writer. In truth, Jeremy Passion is undeniable and you need to hear him. Do yourself a favor, get into him!

His album ‘More Than A Feeling‘ and EP ‘Pixelated‘ and now are available on Itunes!

Also check out his Twitter and Youtube Channel