When Bad Boy’s own Los recently came to Toronto to preform with his label-mate Machine Gun Kelly at the Sound Academy, he sat down to speak to hustleGRL about being previously signed to Bad Boy, Diddy’s involvement in his career and why he loves Toronto.

Slava P: So, you just got signed to Bad Boy. You used to be signed there, but then that situation dissolved and now you’re back, right?

Los: Yeah.

S: So, do you want to talk about that a little bit? What happened there?

L: History has a strange way of repeating itself so…well, after [the first time] we signed… we did a solo deal, an artist deal, and I went on to record a hundred-or-so records in a few months, and we were faced with adversity. I still don’t go into it too much but it was non-musical, it was a non-musical factor. And it resulted in [Diddy and I] going our separate ways. Wasn’t anything personal, it was something basically, that was out of our element that neither side could control. We went on better ways and, I mean, I think we both got stronger for the most part. I definitely went on continuing to build my brand and create who I am. So, things came full circle and I’ve just been working, and working, and working… And I was fortunate enough for Diddy to reinvest interest.

S: What kind of support do you get from the whole Bad Boy family now that you’re back? You’ve got people like MGK and French Montana. How are those guys helping?

L: Well, I mean the most major contribution they can make is for them to stay hot and continue to do what they’ve been doing because it just helps the brand, which is Bad Boy ultimately. We play for the same team. So, if I had one dude who’s an all-star and another dude who’s an all-star, it just makes it that much easier for me to step up and play my part and not have to carry so much weight as an artist. So I think it’s great that MGK’s doing this thing right now and French is bananas right now. You got Red Café doing his thing. You got Cassie… who just reintroduced herself to the world all over again and is one of the most influential pop icons because, let’s be honest, she shaved the head and the whole world did it so…and that was before she had anything recent. So, you can imagine what’s about to happen now.



S: How involved is Diddy with what you’re doing?

L: I think for the most part Diddy is like our guidance. He’s kind of like the cool big brother because he doesn’t want to control you, but he still wants you to do the right thing. He’ll correct you, but he doesn’t want to control you. And that’s more than you can ask for because everyone should want to be corrected. If you’re doing something that’s not right or something that could be done better or faster, or in a more assertive way, it’s good to have someone to show you how to do it correctly while not wanting to change who you are or change the direction that you’re going in. That’s Diddy in a nutshell.



S: How’s your first time in Toronto?

L: Toronto has actually been a large part of my support group for a while and I didn’t know…I think they like the sound, I think… What I’ve learned about Toronto, it’s my first time here, of course, but they like organic stuff. And I’m learning that more and more, even from the way they dress to the stores, the boutiques. You look in the windows and you look at the clothes, and the style, you just kind of see what’s going on. They like organic throw back, original shit, and I can respect that. So, I think that’s why they like my style because I never really cater in my music. I always made music to my heart’s content.

S: So, what can we look forward to in 2012 from you?

L: We’re just going to continue to be excellent, continue to supersede all expectations, and be fresh, and new, and unpredictable.