I was suppose to go to this year’s show, but due to the my abuse of my liver, I couldn’t make it. Whether you thought the show was good or bad last night it was definitely entertaining to watch, especially if you have lots of black followers on twitter (I highly suggest you get some for moments like these). Beyonce and her Motley Crew stole the show and Cissy Houston made a solider cry. There’s so much more that happened, SO much more, take this ride back to the past with me, hop in my Delorean if you will.

I get it, it’s 2012, kids are allowed to express themselves, speak their minds and be the true individuals they are, but some of this has just gotten out of control. I feel like a little recourse should be taken.

What are Willow and Jayden Smith wearing?!?!?!?!? They are talented kids man, but geez, I remember young folks use to get suspended from school if they dressed like that in public.

Those three girls who I SWORE were on stage with Drake & Lil Wayne like 16 days ago got on the Pre-Show stage and shook their asses all over television to their heart’s content. I just pray I don’t have daughters. I don’t think I’d let them out the house after 5 o’clock (Eastern Time). To top everything off in this “Kids Say The Darndest Things” bit, The guy from Mindless Behavior (not dissing him but I literally don’t know his name) made a Lauryn Hill taxes joke, I repeat, a kid from a group I’ve never listened to cracked a joke about one of the greatest musicians that the Hip-Hop/R&B has ever seen…and this ends my segment on “Kids Say The Darndest Things.”

It’s pretty apparent that after years of television performances, Kanye West still doesn’t give a damn about Clear Channel and their censorship, and that is what I admire about ‘Ye. He knows they’re going to bleep out his profanities (at least the ones they can catch, which seems like none of them), he knows he’s going to get fined for saying them on live air, and he just does not care.

The G.O.O.D. color of the night was all white, I imagine their crew meeting before the show going a little something like this:

Ye: Aye, what so what color do y’all want to wear to the awards tonight?
Big Sean: Can’t we just wear what we want?
Ye: Naw
Pusha T: I don’t care yo, as long as I don’t have to do that choreography y’all were practicing earlier…
Ye: Dawg, that’s the best part of the performance! Aight man, but you got to do the Swerve dance
Pusha T: *Sigh* Ok, why doesn’t Common have to do this stuff?
(Kanye ignores Pusha’s question)
Ye: So I’m thinking white, Kim got this white dress she’s gonna wear and I think it would be dope if we all matched
Big Sean: Wait, Kim K is wearing all white?!?!?!?!?
Ye: Yeah, what’s wrong with that?
Pusha T: Well dog, I mean you know sh-
(Big Sean cuts Pusha off)
Big Sean: She would look great in white
2 Chainz: Truuuuuuue

Kanye as speculated, premiered his verse from the soon to drop single New God Flow, after he said his Yeezy’s “Jumped over the Jumpman” he pretty much had me sold to hear the entire song.

Oh, by the way, I mentioned Kim K. and she was there front and center along with Kanye, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and make no mistake about it, BET wanted you to know that they were all there together.

Awww here’s a photo of Bey wondering why Kim is here.

Awww, here’s a picture of Jay wondering why Kim is here.

Aww, here’s a picture of Solange wondering why she is here.

Here’s a picture Jay & ‘Ye hugging it out, another picture of Beyonce and Kim chatting it up, here’s a shot of Kanye sweating profusely as he ignores whatever the hell Kim is saying. Listen, I get it, big stage, with the world’s biggest stars all interacting with each other, you would want to get as many candid shots as you can but they really didn’t have to jam it down my throat after every breathe taken by a presenter.

With all that being said, I did like the Jay-Z “You know I’m not about to hug you” arm pat.

If you managed to catch any of the actual show, there was a really good performance that went down, D’Angelo may not look like he did 10 years ago but there was no denying that he sounded like it. He did a portion of his fan favorite “(Untitled) How Does It Feel” and a brand new song that got the crowd excited. Glad to see him back in the game.

I was also happy to see Elle Varner’s back.

One thing that surprised me was an award show with no slip-ups. That is a very impressive feat. You had a bar fight that occurred between Drake, Chris Brown and Meek Mill not to long ago, Nicki’s beef with BET, Jay-Z well known ban of any event involving Chris Brown, Samuel Jackson being a living, breathing expletive, Kim K. being an obvious punchline, Nicki Minaj doing any type performance, Tamar Braxton being allowed to speak and nothing, everything actually went smooth and trouble free. Big props go to BET for that, it could have been The Source Awards all over again. They must have had plastic bottles backstage (you seriously didn’t think I was going to make that joke?)

One thing I loved was the Whitney Houston Tribute. Everything was perfect and classy. Monica & Brandy did a great job setting the tone. I wasn’t a fan of Brandy doing the tribute at first but a friend of mine told me just how close they were, Brandy choosing Whitney to be her child’s Godmother and their close relationship as you know Ray-J was her boyfriend. So now, I’m totally ok with it. Cissy Houston made thugs all around the nation drop tears.

Whether you think Soulja Boy is a thug or not, the picture illustrates my point. Chaka Khan finished the tribute with her song “I’m Every Woman” which Whitney did a very popular remake to. BET again, did a pretty good job here.

All in all, the award show wasn’t all that bad, sure they did follow-up a tribute to Whitney Houston w/ Ca$hin Out & Rack City and yeah, you could barley hear MMG’s performance over their back music (except for Meek Mill, but you know you’re always gonna hear Meek Mill), and yeah, there were quite a bit of struggle notes throughout the night, and sure, BET hasn’t mastered the art of live editing the profanities out of performances but hey, it’s hard to shoot 10 for 10 in a game…ask Shaq.

by Eskee: @LifeWithNeCee