Independent Toronto producer and artist, Rich Kidd currently leaves us with another tape, Kiddstrumentals : Volume 1, which features different creative instrumentals, following the ones he had released in the previous years. Though he had openned up for artists such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and more he remains making outstanding instrumentals. Tracklist & Download under the jump!

“The beat tape showcases beats you might’ve already heard, and give [the people] some extras that I haven’t let out yet. When making a beat, it’s more about discovering new ways that I can bring the sound out. Finding variation is hard if you want to make a beat [sound] original. It’s easy to just cop out and use [a common] melody, so I always try to do something different.” – Rich Kidd

Download: RichKidd / 2DopeBoyz / Tracklisting after the jump