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An Album Review for Pac Div’s GMB

Pav Div follows up their debut album The DiV with their forthcoming LP releasing on November 27th, GMB. This project features their familiar cast of producers, their new aged West Coast sound and of course; group members Like, Mibbs and BeYoung. GMB gives you everything you’d want and expect as a  listener of their music, and if you’re a fan, this will be a project you’ll love, if you’re not, this probably isn’t the album that changes your mind. There’s still something here for all hip-hop fans here to enjoy, and if you really listen, it’s clear that they put together one of the better hip-hop albums of the year.

The album starts out with an airy, dark intro that serves as the crew record. The chorus chants in a semi-demonic tone “she want that GMB”; GMB standing for Gabe, Myke & Bryan, the first names of the crew members. This opens up the LP very well basically telling you what your here for.

One of the better things about this project is how they don’t always follow the prototypical song structure. The verses aren’t always evenly divided by 16’s that lead to a bridge and end with a chorus. Sometimes Myke’s verses are longer than Mibb’s and vice versa. Doing it this way makes it feel like each song is truly different; so when you listen to tracks like “Sneakerboxes” and “Bank”, which are the same type of song, it switches styles so much that it doesn’t bore you with repetition.

They’re truly versatile in the fact they can make club records and introspective records; they can hit you with multiple styles. They switch from a “I Can’t Help It”, a slow tempo-ed lady favorite to braggadocios record literally telling haters to fuck off with a 6 minute span. Although in that same breath, it never really lets you vibe out to a particular mood. Pac Div is at their best on this album when their tracks are backed by soulful chords and vocals, that’s when you’re really paying attention to their rhymes which most of the time, are witty and humorous. They’re a lyrical bunch, but for the purpose of certain songs, they don’t choose to be. ‘Slow’ is that record you play at your house party when everybody starts to leave except the freaky ass girls you’re trying to nightcap with. It sets that type of mood, but don’t take itself  too serious with lines like “Sorry I’m hella faded but you got cake like Dunkin / Hines from behind like a starin’ at an onion / bout to lose my mind”. Pac follows up this record well with the aforementioned “Can’t Help It”. When you get those girls to stay over and you don’t make your move when this record comes on, your pimpin’ game needs to be adjusted.  The song is cocky; they talk about how well deserving they are of the women they attract but at the same time, the women they attract are just as deserving; easily one of the better records on the album.

When you’re looking for tracks to bang in the whip, Pac has that covered in the 2nd half of the album. The lead single “Automatic” is bass heavy meshed with that aggressive yet smooth rap style that Pac Div fans are so accustomed to. Swift D crafts up a perfect instrumental to compliment that flow. In hindsight, this track probably should have been closer to the beginning of the album. In the song right after this one, Blu and Kendrick steal the show with their verses on “Cross-Trainers.” The song sounds straight out Death Rows’s catalogs from the 90s; this will be one of the fan favorites for West Coasters.

Overall, this is a pretty good project; but like most Pac Div records, it doesn’t have a crossover appeal. At this point in their careers; it doesn’t seem like they’re really looking for that. Pac has never been or will be a hip-hop group you dislike, but there has always been something missing in their formula. GMB is better than their debut and may just be their best work to date, but it doesn’t put them on the big screen…just yet.

Rating: 7.5 – 10

Review by: @Eskeino

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  1. Joe

    November 28, 2012 12:15 pm

    Mike and Mibbs are the same person, lol. Other than that, good review.

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