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Listen to 3 new Snippets off The Weeknd’s Trilogy

With only 10 days till the official release of The Weeknd’s Trilogy a few longer snippets of Valerie, Twenty Eight & Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun) have hit the web. I was starting to miss Abel Tesfaye a little since the release of HOB and the other mix tapes as I felt some of his new material didn’t sound like the original Weeknd. These three snippets are a reminder that his voice is something that once you hear it, it is a sound that you cannot get out of your head. Since signing with Universal Republic there will come great success and achievement which some feel he has already accomplished. Since hearing the first song that appeared on the OVO blog back in December 2010 it has been said that his success has started since Drake co-signed The Weeknd. This coming week The Weeknd will be wrapping up his first tour playing at the Sound Academy in Toronto for four shows.

Put the snippets on repeat for the next couple of days, they should tide you over until then.

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