Even though Keyshia Cole-Gibson is happily married, her new single, “Trust and Believe” is for the single crowd. The track is hot, and the video is even better! The video features a happy couple plus one; — the best friend. The ending to the situation is not the normal for R&B and is one that you have to watch for yourself. “Woman to Woman,” Cole‘s new album drops November 19,2012. Check out “Trust and Believe” below along with the track-list for the album after the jump.

Woman to Woman Tracklisting
1. “Enough of No Love” feat. Lil Wayne
2. “Zero” feat. Meek Mill
3. “Missing Me”
4. “Trust and Believe”
5. “Get It Right”
6. “Woman to Woman” feat. Ashanti
7. “Wonderland” feat. Elijah Blake
8. “I Choose You”
9. “Stubborn”
10. “Hey Sexy”
11. “Next Move” feat. Robin Thicke
12. “Signature”