Event Review: Miguel Slays Toronto Show

Photography by: Derek Hui / Words by: Shantel Noel

TORONTO, ON – Inside Toronto’s Kool Haus, a smoky stage emerged lit by bright lights, with a spotlight following a faint figure who appeared dressed to kill, and a lingering mystery hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. The fans anticipated the removal of his sunglasses as if they were looking for confirmation that this was really who they spent hours waiting in line to see. In an instant, the audience had their eyes fixed upon Miguel, who stood behind a mic stand with one hand tightly gripped around the microphone.

The screams began pouring in. Then the room fell silent once more as fans wondered what song he might knock out first. His band began with the instrumentals and just like that Miguel had his fans’ undivided attention.

The moment he hit the stage, his energy level was through the roof. In between notes we watched as the R&B crooner jumped on and off speakers while doing James Brownesque foot work. Not to mention, he had the mic stand doing tricks that only a magician could master. It was simply magical.

Miguel displayed a side of himself that surely reflects his musical talent. During his performance, when the sound did not meet his standards, he stopped the set and would not continue until he was satisfied. The audience obliviously continued to scream, cry, with glimpses of lingerie flying toward the stage. It almost seemed as though it was done intentionally, but after a second time it was clear he was not settling for a mediocre show. He is a true perfectionist.

Miguel roared into the mic singing, ‘Can you roll down a window’ as the audience responded ‘I just wanna feel the wind blow… in.my.face’. He was just getting warmed up. Miguel pointed out to fans, laughed a little bit and dared the crowd to tweet “@MiguelUnlimited The Pussy is Yours” while seductively leading into his song titled “The Pussy is Mine”. He continuously delivered hit after hit from “All I want is you”, to “Sure Thing”, to “Girl with the Tattoo” as well as a number of tracks off his latest album Kaleidoscope Dream.

What makes Miguel such an interesting artist to watch is his ability to put his own spin on nostalgic records such as Bob Marley’s “Stir it Up” and the late Tupac Shakur’s “I Get Around”.

During most of his set he remained fully clothed. However, things got a little steamy when he undressed himself leaving nothing but his perfectly tailored trousers on. At this point during the show he started exactly the type of trouble Toronto could handle.

As the show came to a close, Miguel humbly thanked his fans for all their love and support closing with “Hi, my name is Miguel and thank you for rocking with me tonight”. He has proven that he is not afraid to take risks and with that being said, he is the true definition of an all around entertainer.