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The Airplane Boys Release Brave New World

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The Airplane Boys have returned with a brand new project titled Brave New World. With production by Spinz, KMS, KILO & The Theorist along with features from Andreena & EVRYWHR, this Toronto rap duo are setting the bars high for Toronto artists. The 10-track project will definitely take you on a journey, a brave new world journey. Download Brave New World on theairplaneboys.com today or stream it below.

  1. […] The Airplane Boys have released their second set of visuals off their new mixtape “Brave New World.” Shot in Hong Kong, Temples showcases part of their journey overseas and what it’s […]

  2. […] Boys released an amazing music video for Brave shot in Japan. With it being my favourite song off Brave New World and them being from Toronto, the beauty of Brave‘s visuals made me appreciate this duo a lot […]

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