Drake really explains why his Mother Sandy was so upset with him after hearing his song “Too Much”. How “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2” came together with Jay Z, working with Beyonce and also dissecting “Hold On, We’re going Home”.

For the first time, my mom was very upset with me. She was upset because she felt like it warranted a personal conversation before I went and said that in a song. What I had to remind her of was that we had had that personal conversation many times over and I felt like it wasn’t going anywhere. It was sitting on my chest so heavy that one night, when I had that second verse to finish, it just all… It was a huge release. I don’t even think I’ve ever felt like that before. I wasn’t even writing it down, and I’m not saying that to sound cool. I was just in the booth running in and out going line by line, because thoughts were going through my mind so fast.

You know, I’ve gotten hit up by girls before who feel like they’ve been mis-mentioned in a song and I don’t do it out of malice. I don’t try and exploit the people in my life. If you listen to my music, it’s not like [that]… I don’t out people. I do tell my story, though. And any girl that I mention, she loves it anyway. That being said, I gave that disclaimer on TV because I knew my mother would be watching. And since I chose to communicate that message to her publicly, I wanted to also communicate another message publicly, which was, “I love you. I love you with all of my heart, and I want the best for you. I didn’t want to make the world think you’re just some woman that’s just hiding out, but at the end of the day, I want a lot more for my mother. She’s 66 and that scares me, you know? I’m 26 years old. Life is not guaranteed. It does not last forever. I want her to start feeling better and get on a plane and go wherever she wants to go and see the world and come to the CRWNs and the first concerts, and she doesn’t do that. She stays where she’s at, and it does bother me. I gave that disclaimer because I felt partly guilty, and I wanted my mother to know how much I love her in front of the whole world.