Shane Stirling launched the third offering from my “The Leadertape” series and it features fine artist Sam Shuter. Montreal-born Artist Sam Shuter, began painting under the alias of “Sammo,” and transformed her hobby of painting into a career. Inspired by symmetrical lines and vibrant colors, Sam‘s work juxtaposes her abstract backgrounds with her figurative drawings. Her art stems from her appreciation of the traditional elements of men’s fashion; a colorful necktie, a beautiful Italian boot, and specifically, the lines of a well-tailored suit. For Sam it is not about the sex of the person under the suit, but what wearing the suit has meant in society. As her style develops, she is influenced by street art, stenciling, graffiti, and graphic design. While working most often in acrylics and oils on canvas, Sam is exploring other avenues. With no intention of parting ways with what has become her trademark theme, series ideas are in the works.