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A true hustle never stops. Not for a second.

Learn A Thing or Two From A$AP Mob

Since releasing their latest project Lords Never Worry, A$AP Mob has proven that if boy bands did not stand the test of time, a Mob will. From the looks of it, they have the right formula. The group is made up of many talented individuals from designers to rappers to producers and managers. Each member plays a vital role. When asked what might get a member kicked out of the group, each member proceeded to shout “doing too much!” Apparently, they will not hesitate to hand out a DTM Award.

This time last year they recalled being fresh off tour. A$AP Ferg gratefully added “It is a blessing to be currently touring.” For many artists, touring is where majority of their income comes from. Although less than half of the mob was present, their energy levels made up for the missing parties.

Photos by Karla Moy



At one point, the noise level in the room got a little loud, Ferg then turned to the room filled of media and fans to say “act like y’all in the library.” You could hear everyone trying to contain their laughter but again the room was filled with chatter and muffled laughs. Ferg was the most outspoken of them all. He took over many of the questions while the others fiddled with their phones or threw in comments where Ferg may have fallen short of his words.

When asked what was the last thing that someone did to piss the other person off, many of them did not have much to say. As a matter of fact, it is not very common. For the most part, they all seem to get along just fine.



Aside from being extremely humorous, there are many admirable qualities about them. There is no knocking their hustle and their determination to produce work that is memorable as well as influential. Ferg often emphasized the fact that “ [He] would like to create and speak on what is real because there are a lot of fakes or people pretending to be something they are not in the industry.” His response to what the industry has taught him seemed very passionate but filled with a bit of frustration. He also added that “I am constantly learning something new everyday.” Off to the right, A$AP Twelvy looked as if he was in deep thought then slightly cutting off Ferg he said “Stick with ya niggas!” He began mumbling under his breath “that is what I learned. Stick with ya niggas.”

In a previous interview, A$AP Yams who was not present said “It is very important to know when to slow down and perfect your craft.” While repeating this statement, Ferg said “that’s real shit” while the others agreed. He continued “usually when we get off tour, that is when we are able to return to the studio and work that much harder on our craft. It’s hard trying to make that happen while on tour because there are a lot of distractions you know…like girls, parties and all that.”



When asked what he would like people to get from the music they produce he said, “I want babies to listen to our music because we are the news. We are forecasting what is going on in our neighborhoods and ultimately the world. I want kids to listen to our music and make conscious decisions before going out into the world.”

For starters, growing up Ferg worked alongside his father who designed for Bad Boys, Ruff Ryders and Bell Biv DeVoe just to name a few. He said that there are many values his father instilled in him but the last words he said to him before passing away were “never short change yourself” which Ferg said he continues to use as motivation. When it comes to achieving your goals and success, Ferg blurted out “be careful what you ask for because you WILL get it all and when you get it, live it to the fullest.”

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