On February 21st, Toronto experienced something it has never felt before (at least in my opinion). Aside from the many festivals, events and parties that take place throughout the summer which we don’t see enough of, this night was something far more magical than any of that. Che Kothari would be launching his online portfolio and finally showcasing his work after all these years. He decided to pair the launch of his website with a themed party. The 1992 party series is an event that Vashtie also known as Downtown’s sweetheart has been throwing for awhile now in New York City.

Photos of 1992/Vashtie by Nate Anthony ~ The rest by Che Kothari




The #1992Toronto event brought together many important figures in the city as well as friends of friends to simply relive an era that most of us will never forget. The 90s. We were also celebrating life but Che Kothari said it best “We are always celebrating life.” I have never walked into a room and immediately felt so much positive energy rush towards me. It was definitely one of those moments where words could not do the situation any justice. It is evident that Che’s mission that night was to do more than just party.

Hustlegrl.com had the opportunity to catch up with both Vashtie and Che Kothari to discuss the nature of the event.




In order to get to Vashtie’s dressing room, we literally swam through the crowd but couldn’t help but dance the rest of the way. Once we got there, we were greeted by Che, his wife and a very petite woman who sat quietly off to the right. As I got closer to the petite woman, she stood up and introduced herself “Hi, I’m Vashtie. Nice to meet you” she said. (As if I did not know who she was, I mean c’mon who doesn’t know who Vashtie is?)




Okay. For those of you who do not  know who she is, Vashtie is best known as a Director, Designer, all around artist and DJ. She has directed some of the hottest videos such as Justin Beiber- One Time, Solange-T.O.N.Y, and Joey Bada$$- Waves just to name a few. On the other hand, Che is also a Director, Artist and self-proclaimed Instigator. Che’s work has a way of bringing people together for the betterment of the community and it was quite evident that this night was no different from any other project he gets his hands on.




It seemed as though Vashtie could use a few extra hours of sleep after flying into the city from London but, somehow she still radiated with energy. Despite her lengthy travels, she was very excited to be in Toronto. She did not get the chance to see much of the city upon her arrival, but she managed to observe that the city’s Queen Street West resembled that of New York’s  East Village. “I like that it feels diverse and unique” she said. She went on to discuss that “so many times it is hard to find culture and like a unique sense of self especially with the Internet. I feel like everyone is like the same nowadays.”




The interesting part about the night was what brought both Che and Vashtie together.

“I met Vashtie through my wife who met her while at a trade show in New York” said Che. It only seemed right to bring Vashtie on board seeing how they shared many similarities through the work that they produce. Given that Vashtie is also a DJ, this collaboration really made sense. Che went on to say that “sharing stuff as we go is part of our responsibility as creators.”  If there was one thing that we took away from this beautiful encounter with Che and Vashtie, it would have to be just that. We all have a social responsibility as creators to share our knowledge and our work with each other and ultimately the world.

Check out Che Kothari’s online portfolio at www.chekothari.com.