Yup, Marty Grimes dropped his long awaited album, an hour early. The 16-track project has features from the likes of G-Eazy, KYLE, Danny Pratt, and more. Recorded in the closet of Apartment 30 in Los Angeles and funded by Marty‘s day job at a local pizza joint, Marty Grimes album titled “Nobody Said It Was Easy” drops today. The album deals with the journey and hardships Marty faces while chasing his dream and making a name for him self.

“I am very proud of what KDE and I did on this album. My growth, versatility, and artistic direction is what “Nobody Said It Was Easy” means to me- as this journey has proven. It’s cool to put your personal life into a piece of art, and I am excited for everyone to hear what I am all about.” – Marty Grimes

Make sure to catch Marty Grimes on tour this fall:

Marty Grimes Fall Tour 2015