You might’ve heard of TRAP Karaoke via Lebron James or the BET Awards but if you haven’t, here’s the drill. TRAP Karaoke is the first-ever user-generated concert experience. Anyone can hit the stage and perform their favorite trap and hip-hop songs, while a crowd of 500+ fans cheer them on. Imagine the myth-making of your neighborhood bar’s karaoke night with the energetic community of Korean-style karaoke, but featuring recent turn-up hits and hip-hop classics. That’s Trap Karaoke. We’re so proud to be able to bring this experience back to Toronto, this time for the trap stars.

As of late, it has seen the likes of Lebron James, Amber Rose and Wale, but who knows who can show up during Caribana weekend? Assemble your squadron because Trap Karaoke is coming to town on July 28 inside Mod Club Theatre. Looking for tickets? Click here.