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Music: Beya Likhari – Amplifiers & Vampires

Let us know what you think of this downloadable EP and check out what Beya had to say about it below: Dear Friends, A little over a year ago, I had started focusing on writing music. I’d randomly find myself coming up with melodies and would write down lyrics in my notebook. This notebook, filled up pretty fast and on a whim, I messaged a friend and asked if I could record at the studio he worked at. He surprisingly responded with a ‘yes.’ During my studio session, I recorded three songs and sat on them for a good month. I finished recording the remaining tracks shortly after and continued to sit on them. This seven track EP that I’ve been sitting on is titled, “Amplifiers & Vampires,” and I have finally decided to take the next step towards sharing it with the world. My hope is that when you hear it—whenever that moment is— you get transported to a dark place and face whatever thoughts you have in that very moment, fearlessly. Here is the link. Enjoy, Beya Check out the stream after the jump. ...

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