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A true hustle never stops. Not for a second.

Shantel Noel

Ryan Leslie Gives Canadian Music Week A Show To Remember

Photography by: Derek Hui / Words by: Shantel Noel How many artists can you name, that have achieved a perfect score on their SATs, graduated from Harvard and have made their mark within the music industry? Its okay. I’ll wait....I can only name one. Ryan Leslie. On Friday, March 22nd 2013, Ryan Leslie took centre stage in Toronto. He was dressed as if he was ready to go to war and so he did. When his signature instrumentals came pouring in, his fans would begin singing his songs sometimes before he could even deliver. ...

Broke&Living Winter 2013 Lookbook

Being broke can either be a temporary situation or a state of mind. For the ladies of Broke&Living it is a movement. A movement far beyond the ordinary. Nicole Simmons, Meghan Prosper and Charlene Akuamoah have taken their raw talents to new heights. Broke&Living is not your average brand so to speak. It is a combination of creativity and pure genius. Broke&Living began as a blog site in 2010. In 2011, they released their very first collection, Hidden Queens. The brand does not follow any particular order or rules. This month they may release a toque and next month a T-shirt. There is no guessing what these ladies will do next. “Broke&Living is a reminder not to live by society’s definitions. The dictionary provides us with solid guidelines as to what things mean and I feel like we’ve been stuck in that same mindset. It means breaking free and actually living” said Nicole. Check out the Broke&Living Winter 2013 Lookbook below. ...