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Slava P

Catch Up: Flow 93.5’s 2012 Summer Jam

On Friday July 13th, the Masonic Temple housed FLOW 93.5's annual tradition of bringing together some of the city's top talent to preform live for hundreds of fans at the Toronto Summer Jam. Kardinal Offishall hosted the celebration, which featured music from The Airplane Boys, DRU, Shawn Desman and Melanie Fiona. DJ Starting From Scratch, Peter Kash and JJ were all on hand to keep the energy high as people filed in from the sweltering heat to hear some of their favorite songs; past and present.



The New School: 7 Toronto Rappers to get Familiar with

If you believe everything you read on a t-shirt (which I obviously do), "Hip-Hop Ain't Dead, It Lives In The North". In recent years, Toronto has seen a sort of "hip-hop renaissance" with both the post-Drake rapper wave and the boom in DJs, B-Boys and street-artists (to the dismay of our Mayor). Annual events like the Stylus Awards and the King Of The Dot rap battles, in addition to mentorship programs such as The Remix Project, help Toronto act as the perfect incubator for aspiring talent. However, the problem comes from translating that local stardom into global recognition. With so much inspiration to draw from, Toronto hip-hop is missing the distinct sonic fingerprint that's present in hotspots like New York, LA and Atlanta. Face it, it's hard to find a common thread between current ambassadors Shad, Drake, and Kardinal Offishall. Fortunatley, the strength of these seven acts lies in their ability to create their own unique sound while still representing the city. Here are 7 Toronto acts you should get familar with: ...

Interview: Los – Baltimore’s Bad Boy

When Bad Boy's own Los recently came to Toronto to preform with his label-mate Machine Gun Kelly at the Sound Academy, he sat down to speak to hustleGRL about being previously signed to Bad Boy, Diddy's involvement in his career and why he loves Toronto. Slava P: So, you just got signed to Bad Boy. You used to be signed there, but then that situation dissolved and now you’re back, right? Los: Yeah. S: So, do you want to talk about that a little bit? What happened there? L: History has a strange way of repeating itself so…well, after [the first time] we signed… we did a solo deal, an artist deal, and I went on to record a hundred-or-so records in a few months, and we were faced with adversity. I still don’t go into it too much but it was non-musical, it was a non-musical factor. And it resulted in [Diddy and I] going our separate ways. Wasn’t anything personal, it was something basically, that was out of our element that neither side could control. We went on better ways and, I mean, I think we both got stronger for the most part. I definitely went on continuing to build my brand and create who I am. So, things came full circle and I've just been working, and working, and working… And I was fortunate enough for Diddy to reinvest interest. ...

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