Karla Moy a.k.a. hustleGRL

At 23 years young, Karla Moy continues to live up to the name, hustleGRL. Over the years, she has not lost her momentum and it is evident that anything she puts her name on succeeds. With the hustleGRL brand growing by the minute, Moy has no interest in slowing down anytime soon. As a matter of fact, she is only getting started despite her 10 years of experience within the music industry.

Already a veteran in her profession, Karla has been turning a profit from her work since the tender age of 12. While most 12 year olds have not quite figured themselves out, young Moy stood out as a professional amongst her peers. How many teenagers can say they designed and worked with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop? One. That is Karla “hustleGRL” Moy. 

She is cited for playing a vital role in the early stages of Canadian rapper, Drake’s career. Soon after, she would find herself working with numerous acts signed to Universal Records. Moy is the creative mastermind behind Lil’ Wayne‘s mixtape cover art for No Ceilings (2009) and Sorry 4 the Wait (2011) as well as his incarcerated e-diary, www.weezythanxyou.com. Moy currently works alongside singer-songwriter and producer JMSN (pronounced Jameson) who is signed to his own label, White Room Records. Though she continues to rub shoulders with some of the most influential people in the music industry, she remains grounded and humble to say the least. 

Recently, Moy added DJ to her already lengthy resume. Karla Moy has shut down some of the most prestige venues spinning records at Canadian Music Week, Momofuku Toronto, Soho House Toronto and #IceCreamSundays in Los Angeles. In addition to all her success, she has opened up for NBA star LeBron James and one of Toronto’s hometown heroes, The Weeknd. It does not stop there. As she puts it, “a true hustle never stops, not for a second.” 

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