If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I’ve been running around the city for these past 2 days. As I’ve stated before, I’m working on a magazine with my girl Chantle Beeso called “BeSo Mag”. I will be Art Directing it and it should be out early April which is right around the corner! Anyways, on Monday we had a photoshoot with The Kid Famous which went down at the The Remix Project… and then on Tuesday we had the fashion shoot with our three models. I couldn’t make the morning shoot because my lazy ass slept in so I couldn’t get a glimpse of the girls =[. I made the afternoon shoot and my boy Terrence from Tomorrow’s Fresh was the model. He thinks he’s hot, but he’s not. Shouts to Maryam and Cindy who were both taking pictures for the magazine! I only used my bootleg Canon to grab the behind the scenes stuff.. Check ’em out. I also have a bunch of random shots taken from Famous’ house, me & him in the car and just me walking around downtown.