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5 Reasons Why MTV’s ‘Hottest MC’ List Got It Wrong

The list that has everybody talking, which was probably the motive of MTV in the first place, had a lot of discrepancies on it. I’ve said for years that MTV doesn’t know much about hip-hop and this list of theirs illustrates that. Was the panelist here completely off? No, but they were very misinformed

I really thought about five things MTV overlooked when creating this list, some things that make no sense and were just ridiculous.

1. J.Cole/Kendrick Lamar’s Exclusion From The List

Both J.Cole & Kendrick in many way had the biggest breakthroughs in Hip-Hop in 2011, being featured on Beyonce & Drake songs respectively. How they are not on this list is beyond me. J.Cole had the biggest first week debut of the year for new hip-hop artist outselling Wale, Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa. Kendrick Lamar is probably your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper getting solo, uninterrupted verses on The Game & Drake’s Album. Kendrick has gotten cosigns from Pharrell, Dr.Dre, again Drake, and many more. J.Cole was nominated at the Grammy’s for best new artist, in ANY genre, Section.80 was what many have said, one of the hottest records of the year.

2. Disregard of Public Opinion

It’s clear to me that no one got any insight from the public because if this was a presidential election, the approval rating for Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj would be very low. Who determines who’s the hottest artist? The Public of the Elected? Even though Lil’ Wayne had the best selling Hip-Hop album of the year, we still don’t know how, Weezy by far had the most disappointing album of the year. Wiz Khalifa actually apologized for his album saying it wasn’t his best work. So it seems like this isn’t really a country for the people, by the people

3. Choosing Hype Over Music

I’m not trying to accuse MTV for bandwagoning, but…I’m accusing MTV for bandwagoning. Meek Mill didn’t drop an album this year, nor had a groundbreaking mixtape, very good, but not groundbreaking. I don’t want to sound like I’m a Meek hater because I rocks with dude and a majority of the MMG team, but he didn’t do nearly enough to deserve a spot one below Jay-Z. Common missed out on this list after dropping an amazing album in late December which didn’t get nearly enough publicity. Nickster didn’t drop a Hip-Hop album this year either, and to be honest has been pretty absent from music apart from some features and a few singles. With that being said, Nicki probably had the biggest year of her career with the press she’s received in everything but music. If MTV was going for the most in the new rappers, then they accomplished their goals

4. No Bloggers On The Panel

I have tremendous respect for all of the people on that panel, tremendous, but I would have liked to see a some bloggers on that panel. Bloggers know more about music than anyone in the industry because we are the first contact. The publicist sends their artist music to us and we give it to the public, so that’s a voice I would have really liked to have seen.

5. Having No Real Formula For Their Chooses

Allow me to play Devil’s Advocate for a while. Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj & Rick Ross were all placed on this list with no album dropped this year and just buzz alone. Ok, well why wasn’t 2 Chainz, Future or SchoolBoy Q on this list? Tyler the Creator and Kreyshawn had maybe the biggest movements of the year and plenty of record offers (Kreyshawn actually taking one, again, Devil’s Advocate people)so why were they left off. Jay-Z & Kanye West had the most anticipated album in Hip-Hop history so why were they only 3 & 6 respectively. Lil’ Wayne had the highest selling rap album of the year so why wasn’t he number 1? Where was that yearly Eminem nod just because. As you can see, none of this makes sense when you just start ranking people and have no guidelines to why your doing it.

Its true, there’s not a list that will come out that everybody will agree with but when you make so many mistakes, you can’t be surprised that nobody agrees with it

by Eskee

  1. Chuck Taylors.

    February 20, 2012 7:32 pm

    Me and my friends had a huge argument over this on facebook yesterday. This list is more than ridiculous, it’s atrocious in my opinion and I agree with everything that’s been said here. Then again, should we really care who MTV says the hottest hip-hop artists are? They don’t even really play “music” on their channel anymore =/

  2. Eskee

    February 20, 2012 7:38 pm

    that should really be a rule, you have to play at least 70% music on your station to host an forum like this

  3. Crucial416

    February 20, 2012 7:39 pm

    Solid points, Bloggers know more about music than anyone in the industry is KEYYYYY, The general public isnt interested in new rappers. its the bloggers who pick out the new ones that are good from the many shit ones that try and make it.

    All good points. All i can do is stop thinking about it or i will be pissed off for no reason

  4. so

    February 20, 2012 9:32 pm

    definitely agree, you’ve made really good points! lets not forget that Rick Ross’ ‘Rich Forever’ was released THIS year..so again, their reasoning behind putting him in the #1 spot is faulty!

  5. DX

    February 21, 2012 6:31 am

    You realize, this is all about HYPE.. Hottest, not best….
    And if a new Nicki song comes out, I think most people will click on it, even if it’s just to hate, before I click on a new Kendrick Lemar song…

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