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Photo Recap: Juicy J Gets Trippy At The Opera House

Yesterday night, Juicy J headlined his 1st sold out show in Toronto. After watching a wave of 6 opening acts, Juicy came on stage around 14:45 announcing that he was Trippy because he “dropped 2 Xanax before the plane, then got drunk as fuck with The Weeknd in the hotel and then took half a ‘Superman’ pill.” Juicy was drinking a 40 of Bombay Gin throughout the show and performed most of the songs off his mixtape, A Zip and a Double Cup as well as old 36 Mafia stuff like So High and Poppin My Collar. My photographer Derek Hui was there to document the moshpits and elbows being thrown.


  1. Kris Sarpen

    February 8, 2012 1:58 pm

    Amazing, is there anymore from that night?

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